About the Commission


The challenges facing local government are well documented and are prompting debate about the fundamental nature and purpose of the sector.  This Commission will create a forum to discuss how to positively respond to these challenges through the concept of ‘Civic Enterprise’.

The Commission, led by Leeds City Council, will reassess the role of local government in the 21st century and put forward practical actions that aim to revitalise local democracy and public service.  This will provide a framework for the reinvention of local government, allowing the sector to meet current challenges and remain relevant and able to meet the needs and aspirations of citizens.

A key task of the Commission will be to take the concept of ‘Civic Enterprise’ and test its practical application across a broad range of services to identify genuine opportunities for new ways of working between the public, private and third sectors.

This concept is based on the premise that services built on the strengths of the public, private and third sectors will produce better outcomes for local people.


Members will meet three times in the Commission’s life, on 9th November, 23rd January and 23rd April, and will have discussions on a range of issues, such as the policy context and the development of practical recommendations.  Notes from these, along with other relevant documents will be accessible on this website.  However, this Commission is not just about reporting the views of its members, it’s about you and your views and experiences.

With this in mind, we have just issued a second call for evidence which aims to focus down on more specific areas of interest, as identified by Commission members.  Through examples provided we will bring the concept of Civic Enterprise to life through real world examples and cases where the challenges of working in new ways have been overcome.

We aim to cast the net wide and capture as many examples of innovative and collaborative ways of working as possible.  So get involved and have your say on the future of local government in the 21st century!

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